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Splash & Dash Paint Parties

Time To Get Creative And Make A Splash With Your Friends!

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Splash & Dash Paint Parties with Art Instructor Lisa Hicks

Create your own work of art with the guidance of art instructor Lisa Hicks.  No experience, no problem! Lisa is a certified art instructor with over 35 years experience and a Masters in Art Education. She will help you find your inner artist and learn to appreciate art while having a GREAT time with your friends!  All art supplies are provided during a three hour paint session and Lisa will instruct you throughout the entire painting.  Bring your friends and enjoy snacks and drinks while laughing, painting and having a great time! Plus, you will take home your very own masterpiece!

Splash & Dash Paint Party Coming to StarView Vineyard on Friday, May 18, 2018 from 6:00 -9:00 pm

Arrive early to choose your painting theme. You also might want to order from a variety of wine choices, including a fantastic food menu, before the class begins! Food and drinks are purchased separately StarView Vineyard.

Splash & Dash Merchandise Goodies Coming Soon!

Make A Splash T-shirts, Aprons and Lanyards will be available at our new location this August. 

Wow! What A Deal!

Get your Splash & Dash card punched when you attend any Splash and Dash Paint Party for regular price and the fifth party is only $10.

Coming This AUGUST! The Grand Opening Of Our Own Splash & Dash Venue!

Splash & Dash Paint Parties will be opening this summer at our own home base venue located on the Public Square in Jonesboro, Illinois. New paintings and new types of art will be available. Complementary snacks and soft drinks will be offered, but customers may also BYO choice of drinks and food! Plus, glasses and ice buckets will be available for customers convenience!

At our home base venue, Splash and Dash Paint Parties will be open on a weekly basis to the public. However, private parties may be booked for your convenience. Need a place and creative idea for a private bachelorette party, business growth event or just some friends wanting a get together?  How about a fun stress free kids birthday party with no worries for cake or clean up? Call (618) 697-2029 or email lisa.hicks@splashanddash.net  for more information and our business hours.

Answers To Your Questions


Q: Can I bring my own drinks?

A: Yes you may bring your choice of drinks at parties for ages 21+.

Complementary sodas and water will be available, and glasses and ice buckets for your BYO drinks.


Q: Will there be food available and I can bring my own snacks?

A: Yes, complementary snacks will be available at open parties, but you may bring your own snacks or have food delivered.


Q: When are private parties offered?

A: Days and times vary for customers convenience. For information and to book a private party, contact Lisa at (618) 697-2029 or lisa.hicks@splashanddash.net  .